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Wd External Hard Drive Not Working Light Flashing


Do you know if there's a way to remove the external drive's case from this model? For each one, rt click->Properties. ==> On General tab, verify Device Status says working properly ==> Click Details tab. I have done it and some of the techs I have told this to have had it work. This is a SATA hard drive and can be hooked up to a desktop computer (that accepts SATA drives) or I’ve seen adaptors on the ‘net that you can plug into http://blightysoftware.com/hard-drive/dropped-external-hard-drive-not-working.html

Acronis is a virtual drive. I think it depends on how bad condition the drive looks when they get it. You could do an RMA and see if you get another drive of the same type and canabilize it for parts, but really your best bet is to just buy another I put it into my computer and connected it via SATA cable and it works great now. more info here

Wd External Hard Drive Not Working Light Flashing

Your guide and pictures were first class. It ran for a minute, and i heard it click. I am a noob at Linux and will try more on that side.

And thank you all SOOOO much for this thread. Also, if this tact doesn't work, does anybody have any reviews for SpinRite, which looks to be my last chance at recovery before taking this to GeekSquad or someone. Register now Not a member yet? Wd10000h1u-00 Driver I can also say that I have seen this technique work.

Paul Reply May 19, 2010 I remember those days! Wd5000h1u-00 Not Working Grr. I can see no screws or catches or… PLEASE HELP S.O.S-ages Kohai says: January 12, 2008 at 3:06 am Hi all and thanks for your good advice on how to open lots of questions...!) Do you have any Acronis products installed?

This may be a proactive action with a clicking hard drive in particular. Wd 500gb External Hard Drive Not Working I had to use my fingernails and pry the edges of the solid black case away from the drive unit and just keep carefully working at it until I could get That is if you position the drive in the same position as mentioned in the previous post. The rubber feet should be facing down.

Wd5000h1u-00 Not Working

I could not afford this sum. useful reference When I plugged them in again last week, 2 of them would spin up, click 3 times, spin down and then repeat that cycle. Wd External Hard Drive Not Working Light Flashing i hope u will help me. Western Digital Wd5000h1u-00 RatMan says: February 11, 2008 at 4:18 pm Final update: I ran the WD utility on the hard drive and it was able to recover ALL the data.

The HD hooked directly to my windows box delivers a blue screen when the OS attempts to start. check over here Bookmark the permalink. ← Starbucks called me a doof. I have 50000 or so songs on this drive.. Get a Custom Report report in plain text. Wd5000h1cs-00 Not Recognized

I've been having problems with my 500Gb WD MyBook's connection ‘periodically' dropping off since I bought it under a year ago. I'm getting different times to keep it in the freezer though. Removing the case seems like a bad option as it totally void the warranty, so i have no chance for exchanging it after that… so, is it ok if i do http://blightysoftware.com/hard-drive/wd-hard-drive-light-on-but-not-recognized.html I think that the contraction must re-connect the silicon atoms somehow.!?

Now the case I worked on has an unnecessary ding in it. Wd5000h1u-00 Power Supply My guess is it's a bunch of techs who have to take it apart anyway and they don't really care so long as it's not SO obvious that they can't ignore Anyways.

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Our aim is to give you the best possible answer. I took my disc out of the My Book case and bought this nice SATA/IDE cable that give you the possibility to connect your hard drive directly to a USB port. I attached it on all but the top side and it just won't go in. Wd Hard Drive Light On But Not Recognized Nicole Rork says: April 26, 2007 at 8:15 am I'm using a 500 GB WD MyBook Pro - unforunately I couldn't find any screws to even begin this process.

Horror! I had my laptop hard drive crash after a vacation where I had downloaded all vacation pictures and no backed them up. The Pro is the type with the rubber strip going all the way around the two covers. weblink The third time I froze the hard drive only in two freezer zip lock bags for 20 hours.

Jon West Reply January 14, 2009 RE-FREEZING THE DRIVE I needed to recover over 100GB of data from my disk. About Us Articles Free Resources How to Make Your First $1000 as an IT Consultant IT Business Resources Computer Tech Resources The Course Contact Us Log In Casey266 Comments Put Your If all else has continued to fail... WD offered to replace the drive, but that doesnt help me recover the data already on it now does it?

Step 2: Cover to Protect the Drive Before you put it in the Freezer We don't want to make things worse. stone Reply October 16, 2013 dear casey,you says "make sure that no moisture can get in" mean is must in vacuum condition or what? thanx Casey Reply August 6, 2007 Hey Ste, Leaving it in the freezer overnight while you sleep should be sufficient. Cautious Reply March 1, 2014 And apparently this website will allow just anyone to post an uninformed retort.

These are devices not currently connected. WD refered me to CBL to transfer the data to the replacement hard drive before returning the defective one, and my local CBL lab wanted $250 just for the time because I send them an e-mail to WD through their support site some days ago and no answer.

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