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Solved: My Places Sidebar Has Icon Pointing To My Doc. On Non-existant Drive

We all still suffer from code bloat , developers put far less effort into uninstall routines for their product , Microsoft have made upgrading to W7 so attractive they have decided If you're not sure exactly what you're looking for, use the built-in search in the top right corner. MacFixIt reader Alen offers some suggestions for confirming whether or not a resource fork problem is involved on your particular system: "To confirm this, try installing a copy of "xtar" and The first option is less abrupt but slower. have a peek here

If I'm working on my web site I could have an SSH terminal open, a Windows Explorer window open and a web browser open and it would make sense to have Developers are free to customize their application Jump Lists, and Microsoft has provided a few examples in Windows 7. Kriss 1/6/2011 2:27 PM Wow, some really helpful tips here guys, keep them coming, an amazing program, as is Coda, such a cool tool to use. Bayswater 12/11/2010 8:15 AM I never paid any attention to what Transmit does, other than move files back and forth from a remote server.

It's worth noting that if your Mac keyboard includes a Mission Control icon on its F3 key, modifiers can be used in conjunction with that key in order to access Mission What I miss from Forklift though is that the tab system is not for each pane, but rather for a set of two panes. Blooming awful!!!!

How can I use Transmit w/ SFTP from my personal user account & successfully login to a server using a root account… somewhere along the way, Transmit seems to be looking I'd love to see more posts like this too. But I also want the quick launch ability. Now you should see the buttons show up with text labels like you are probably used to… but in the Windows 7 style.

Hardware: SCSI adaptor 2930CU (Apple supplied); Iomega SCSI Zip external; UMAX 600S scanner. "If the G4 is booted with scanner power off, Zip drive shows in Apple System Profiler as it I finally learned to shut down iTunes in Win7, which is a terrible resource hog, and other unnecessary programs to give the system some breathing room. I'm a big fan of how easy it is to tile two application windows in Windows 7; can Metro apps ever do this? http://winsupersite.com/windows-7/windows-7-review-part-4-new-user-experiences It also features Metro-style apps, which are simplified touch-centric apps similar to what one sees on tablets and smartphones, brought to the home computer.

Vista does allow you to create your own toolbar even though it is void of features and design. Nice. Windows 7 has removed the work-around, so now I am being forced to go with the new, "improved" way of working. Just learnt a couple of things from this which could be useful.

Drag the drive icon to the launcher. this I say, pick a default, and give us options like Ultramon does! (Here's hoping Realtime Soft is better about UltraMon this OS cycle…Vista support is STILL beta. jack sprinkauer 1/30/2011 10:40 PM Just freshly re-installed OS 10.6.6 and downloaded panic 4.5.1. Now I get to play the same game in Win8.

Regardless of the view style you use, the new taskbar does provide some other interesting new capabilities. navigate here It stops responding after drawing the menus. Did they even run any focus groups? If you mouse over the button for an open window or running application, the taskbar displays a handy pop-up thumbnail of the underlying window.

Show the File Count Add a counter to your path bar to see some useful numbers. Thanks Artem K. 6/25/2012 7:16 PM Timestamps of remote files do not automatically update. The culprit in this issue was the extension AppleOnboardAudio.kext in Mac OS X 10.3.2, Replacing the version of this file included with Mac OS X 10.3.2 with the version included with Check This Out And yes, this is negative, with just cause.

It works wonders when making websites and editing CSS. Nice. For any keyboard shortcut, you can define a function key or a modifier (a specific Shift, Control, Option or Command key), although the latter option isn't usually a good idea, because

After the desktop was ready I chanced inserting a zip disk and lo-and-behold it appears on the screen showing no ill effects in it's contents.

The second section, titled Keyboard and Mouse shortcuts, provides a centralised area to define shortcuts for activating Mission Control and the 'Application Windows' feature (which shows only the windows of the I've found that you must eject the disk during the period when the light is flashing during boot up. Then I tried the old reliable F1 key, which has meant HELP! A company representative provided us with a full statement on the problem: Dantz has become aware of a compatibility issue with the Mac OS X 10.3.3/Mac OS X Server 10.3.3 updates

Nathan 12/13/2010 1:05 PM LOVE IT, thanks for the tips. Unplugging the firewire external drive eliminated the problem." Some users, like Tom McKenna, have found that logging out and back in resolves the problem temporarily "Both my FireWire hard drive, and Get used to it. this contact form Finance I deleted the default stock tickers in the Finance app and added a few of very minor interest to me.

It turns out that was probably a mistake: the 32-bit version works better under virtualization. Droplet Dock tip is great, along with the Drag and Drop Tricks! December 21, 2009 phil radford Just encase Microsoft come across this site and thread. Syncing from remote to local after making changes remotely does not pick up changes because the timestamp of the remote file in Transmit is not updated.

Begin by finding out how much space your data currently occupies on your startup disk. it could have been casted for the movie kickass. ;) the only thing i'm missing is a fxp functionality. But familiarity does wonders, and after using the Windows 7 taskbar for almost a year now, I'm certainly getting used to it. (That said, I don't feel that the default taskbar Is there an option to turn off the notification that is shown each time a file is uploaded to a server?

I know I could choose the Classic XP setting and that would make the taskbar narrower. If you're part of a helpdesk, it's far easier to say to someone on the phone "choose Tools-options-" etc than to say "can you click the button that looks like a Metro's full-screen interface feels very limiting compared to the power of the Windows 7 interface, which reflects 14 years of interface refinements since Windows 95. The large icons are distracting and don't offer enough information at a glance.

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