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Solved: Odd But Quick VBA Question

i am feeding data to sheet A machine breakdown details as follow. Off-Topic Tags How-tos Drivers Ask a Question Computing.NetForumsOffice SoftwareGeneral Solved vba coding for if a value is odd/even Tags:internet explorer tonygibb April 22, 2014 at 13:15:56 Specs: Windows 7 Hi Guys,Am Write a macro to select all the non-blank cells of Activesheet ?Solution: Sub NonBlankCells() On Error Resume Next Union(Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas, 23), Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants, 23)).Select If Err.Number <> 0 Then You can also play around with code in the immediate window to see exactly what the code will do. navigate here

For example, a cat is an object. Thanks!

Reply Leave a reply: Cancel Reply Jon Acampora - August 26, 2016 Hi Sabareesh, You will need to concatenate or join the string that is being created by your The Total column must be equal to 1 for each Item 2. A minimal value will be achieved when all the Items are placed in Bucket A, as our equation for G11 will then have 0 – Total which is –Total, which is internet

Very Nice....Thanks for this excellent work... Ques 29. These are: Base Case - Forces bucket values to be equal, Allows uneven bucket counts Equal Sized Buckets - Forces each bucket to contain the same number of items Force an

says: May 13, 2011 at 4:10 am @Sam Wouldn't this be better done with a Heat Map or a Pivot Table? . Your colleague created a dashboard and when you enter a value, it appears with two decimal places. All Rights ReservedAd Choices The information on Computing.Net is the opinions of its users. Note: That the parameters although when saved show as True/False or Numbers are all Excel Equations, see above.

Same with any comment that narrates what the code does: useful comments explain why the code does what it does, and let the code speak for itself about what it's doing. The degree of improvement depends on how many independent calculation trees the workbook contains. Construct the natural numbers with sets Is there anything that functionally prevents a US President from switching parties? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35416160/excel-vba-function-gives-strange-returns/35418242 Is it possible to apply 'Application.Volatile(False)' to a volatile public function like INDEX and make it not volatile?Solution: Actually INDEX is not a volatile function, even though some MicroSoft documentation says

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? It should be noted that this problem in Solver in Excel 2010 does not occur as often but will still occur. Go to the end of the return and fill in the amount of tax you want to owe or receive as a refund. If you enter a password with less or more, it will give you an error message.

Sub show1() Dim Arr() As Variant Arr = Range("A1:J12") Dim R As Long Dim C As Long For R = 1 To UBound(Arr, 1) strnewRow = "" For C = 1 My best guess would be that the Quick Analysis or Screen Animations have something to do with it. I'M HUNG UP WITH A PROBLEM THAT AFTER ALT F11 THE DISPLAY OF THE EDITOR DISAPERS IN LESS THAN ONE SECOND!? Yes, you can have the immediate window sit on top of the Excel window.

Goal seek function helps to reduce manual entry of the code each and every time. check over here You use a lot of "" empty string literals; the vbNullString built-in constant is more efficient, since it's a null string pointer - as the following code in immediate pane demonstrate: Ask a question, any question… Putting the question mark (?) at the beginning of the statement tells the Immediate window that we are asking it a question, and expecting a result. I am also a Microsoft MVP.

If so you may have a logic error. This includes information about the methods properties constants and other members exposed by the component. Best Excel & Charting Tips 5. his comment is here Why do I have to pay Medicare payroll deductions while I am retired if I am still working?

I share my knowledge and experiences to help you but due to any logic, data, system settings, misinterpretation or any other reason, if the macros, functions, procedures, talks, posts or anything says: May 13, 2011 at 8:03 am @Gary I was referring to the section on the Tools Menu, which is further down the page, by Dana DeLouis. . This is interesting: If Confirm = vbYes Then ExitApplication = True Exit Do Exit Sub End If If Confirm = vbNo Then Password = "" PasswordLength = 8 Confirm = ""

Reply Cosmic Singh says: January 8, 2014 at 7:05 am Hi!

So was it A&B, or B&D or C&A et Reply Hui... I hope somebody sees quickly what is going wrong. I noticed that some input with fewer cells in eh string gives the right result.But input with to much cells in the string give nothing back. Ques 41.

Ques 07. Use Goal Seek However if X and Z are fixed then there will only be one value of Y = Z/X Reply sanjoy adhikary says: July 18, 2014 at 1:26 pm While the finished product might look like a traditional Japanese painting, Horiuchi’s high-tech method couldn’t be any more different to the old ways. http://blightysoftware.com/solved-odd/solved-odd-icons.html more stack exchange communities company blog Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have Meta Discuss the workings and

How to make the code above work? Hi All, i am also a VBA programmer working with a MNC.It's a very good stuff and would appreciate if some more Exception Handling qes will be there.

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