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Computer Case Resonance


Fri, Dec 3 2010 1:25 AM In reply to mtahir Joined on Thu, Oct 13 2005 UK Posts 463 Points 5,615 Re: Computer Audio Noise Reply Contact I had a similar If your power supply has a power switch on it, you can determine how much noise your power supply generates by disconnecting it from the motherboard and turning it on. Nevertheless, it pays to be cautious, so make sure when installing a new soundcard in a desktop computer that you don't drape other cables over or near it that are carrying I feel really dumb and really relieved at the same time. check over here

Sometimes the fact that an earth wire enters the external power supply doesn't necessarily mean that the laptop itself gets earthed via the PSU's output, but this is often the case. The other thing to check is if you are plugging the PC and the Mini into the same power strip or extension lead. Having the machine upgraded to a Revision E PSU usually fixes the problem, or at least improves it, but there are stories of the problem persisting even then. YesNo Feedback E-mail Share Print Search Recently added pages View all recent updates Useful links About Computer Hope Site Map Forum Contact Us How to Help Top 10 pages Follow us

Computer Case Resonance

I've experienced a lot of ground-loop problems in such situations, and suspect the problem's worse than with a PCI card, because the external interface is in the middle of a large Move the computer - The location of a computer can make a difference. Design Problems Audio equipment which uses a double-insulated design needs no earth connection, and so is less susceptible to earth-loop problems. It looks like it's possible the high pitched computer sound may be coming from the red-white audio monitoring on the mini - which makes little sense to me since previously my

Paul White's convinced that scraping away the outer insulation at one end of a Firewire cable and then cutting its outer screen with tin snips could cure this problem, although I've Thu, Dec 2 2010 10:23 PM In reply to Atomike Joined on Thu, Oct 13 2005 Nebraska Posts 646 Points 9,840 Re: Computer Audio Noise Reply Contact Upon further investigation, it I wonder if it could be the cable between the computer and mixer? Corsair Padded feet - If the computer is on a hard surface, such as a desk or hard floor, the vibration of the computer can cause additional noise.

Such an approach will completely cure most soundcard ground-loop problems, and if you're going to solder up your own leads anyway it will only cost you a few pence more. like turning off my onboard audio in the BIOS? It comes and goes. Troubleshooting Unbalanced Connections If your computer audio device has unbalanced I/O, but you want to plug it into an analogue mixer or other device with balanced I/O, you can make up

Company Number: 3015516VAT Number: GB 638 5307 26           My SOSMy Account Change My Password My Subscription My Shop Orders My eNewsletter Mailing Lists My Downloads MagazineCurrent Issue Current Competition Subscribe Ncix We take a look at what causes them, and how to banish them for good! Unplugging one signal or earth lead may cause the problem to get better or worse, depending on how it affects the others. Not what I was expecting.


Models such as the Lynx Two shown here are capable of a dynamic range exceeding 116dB.When I first started reviewing soundcards, you could get digital interference problems just by installing them http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000696.htm For the average musician, the main disadvantage of the DI approach is cost, since you'll need a separate transformer or module of active circuitry for each audio signal — if you Computer Case Resonance How can we improve it? Coil Whine Chances are it is not maintaining true 3 wire isolated earth grounding.

Thank you again so much for your help! Phonic's more comprehensive six-channel A6200 Supreme DI in 19-inch rackmount format has an internal mains power supply for about £120, and incorporates a switched an 8kHz high-cut filter for use with In Nebraska. Country Products Search avid.com| store| contact| help |login |Join Search Entire Site Forums -- Avid AirSpeed Developer Foru -- Avid AMA Developer Forum -- Avid Artist | DNxIO -- Avid AVX Msi Afterburner

Does anyone else have a mini who can look into this? Additional information Noise from computer. One classic example of this is soundcards that have a breakout or expansion box that you can fit into a 5.25-inch drive bay just like a CD-ROM drive — various models this content Just because you often don't notice problems with digital audio until dropouts occur, this doesn't mean that ground loops won't compromise sound quality.

One of the easiest ways to minimise ground-loop problems is to make sure that your computer is plugged into the same mains supply socket as the remainder of your audio chain, Newegg Gaskets - Silicone case fan gaskets are another relatively cheap solution for making your computer quieter. Report jacktores69- Jul 7, 2015 at 01:32 AM thanks this worked for me.

Here you can see how an earth loop can easily be formed even between just two pieces of studio equipment, and also how you might sensibly remedy it.

Make sure you also use the most appropriate position for any ground-lift switch on offer. You need to open the control panel and disable napping each time the machine is switched on, and if you're cautious you should probably only invoke it when recording audio or HEELP! Once I changed it, the noise went.

Paul White reported a classic example of this in his leader column in SOS February 2003, when occasional digital glitches in his studio were finally cured by plugging his computer and Thu, Dec 2 2010 4:56 PM In reply to George Angeludis Joined on Thu, Oct 13 2005 Thessaloniki Greece Posts 10,506 Points 121,400 Re: Computer Audio Noise Reply Contact Maybe the Was this page useful? In Nebraska.

My current own system: 1x Z420 E5 1650 16GB memory, 128GB SSD, 1x XW8600, 2x 3.0Ghz Quadcore, 12GB memory... [view my complete system specs] Jeroen van Eekeres Technical director, Broadcast support UPDATE: It's true - I get NO audio humm while my headphones are connected directly to the computer. The 'tip' connections are made as normal using one cable core, while the 'sleeve' of the unbalanced end is connected to the 'ring' connection at the balanced end using the other One possible fix is to use a patch called CHUD (part of Apple's free development tools) to disable processor napping, but Apple seem to discourage this even though those who've used

If a laptop audio problem is due to indifferent earthing arrangements (laptop audio quality is rarely very high up on the list of manufacturers' priorities, so hefty ground planes and internal We tried the speakers on another system and they worked fine so we knew it was some kind of internal issue. SOLVED THIS - here's the solution. It takes less than a minute and is completely free!

I suspect PCI's bad reputation largely came about during the early days of soundcard design, when background noises were all too common in 16-bit models, and you were lucky to get Newscutter Nitris DX * Media Composer (At Home on PC running XP Pro) * Symphony (At home on MacBook Pro3,1 running 10.7.2) * Interplay... [view my complete system All too often you could hear background noises when the CD-ROM or hard drive were accessed, when you moved your mouse, or when your graphics card re-drew any part of the Helpful +7 Report Ish Jul 1, 2016 at 09:57 AM Pls help I did the test thing for both my things i have Realtek High Def Audio (Default Device) Then when

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