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Solved: PCI Mini Wi-Fi Card For TP600E

If anyone is having any better luck, mail me at [email protected] An error (403 Forbidden) has occurred in response to this request. Some of the websites say that my comp has a winmodem. scsi probe must be disabled to avoid is seg faulting. check over here

works great!!! Also, due to the limited amount of RAM for now, I am relegated to console mode. Each one has bits that work well and bits that don't work well. I just wish I could find a console-based text editor that can handle RTF formatted files. this content

blurr3303-28-2004, 12:09 PMi just installed knoppix in my AOPEN 1545... Built-in Wifi 54g I have my wifi working with 3.4 Knoppix, But no boot up config yet to give to everyone. Most stores won't have a problem with this. It seems to look better than vesa.

Hd install also ok - then the linux boot entry in lilo.conf must contain the noapic kernel option. An easy way to check for compatibability is to open kinfocenter. This baby was born to run Linux. KNOPPIX ROCKS!

I had to reboot, but it fails with > Error 8611, a trackpoint error. Compaq has chosen to encapsulate power management inside the Windows XP supplied with the machine. USE the NDISwrapper! i really need this wifi card working...

The noscsi option is necessary for knoppix to set up the nic properly. As a result, when initially running 3.2, my laptop got very hot. I run Fluxbox because it's nice and responsive on low end systems. Since the machine has ACPI, you need to recompile a kernel to get battery statistics, and I don't have suspend to disk or suspend to RAM working.

I've tried the madwifi driver and have looked at the linuxant driver, but I think that it is the wrong chipset. https://forums.gentoo.org/sitemap/38.html Although it's only a 366MHz/192MB model it is fully adequate for running most stuff. Although haven't installed my WL-103B PCMCIA wi-fi card... (no driver available) geez... Dell Inspiron 800i No problems, I had to recompile the kernel to get support for the special features but no other issues. 1600x1200 resolution in X is awesome. :-) Dell Latitude

This SHOULD work, but be advised to back up any data on your ntfs partition before you try it though. check my blog With these two exceptions, everything else works Realtek 8139 NIC not working (although it seems to know it is there) i810 sound is detected, but fails to load (similar problems with While I was installing Knoppix on the laptops I thought I would give RH 9.1 a run on my desktop PC. He even jotted www.knoppix.net down on his hand!

coltrane01-06-2004, 10:30 PMJust a quick note about my success so far with Knoppix 3.3 on Acer Travelmate 230XC. the wireless card is not detected.. It's trippy, but it works. http://blightysoftware.com/solved-pci/solved-pci-graphics-card-needed.html Scarletdown09-04-2004, 06:45 AMI've got Damn Small Linux running on a TI Extensa-450. 486 DX4/75 12MB RAM 540MB Hard Drive (about 160 of that is DOS 6.22 / WfW 3.11) Datastor parallel

You might need to try the ALSA drivers for some laptops though. uraclea200207-24-2004, 11:40 PMDell Inspiron 8600 Centrino 1.6 Works great, except wireless Dell true mobile 1300 wifi which is basically Broadcom... bamarob04-12-2004, 04:44 PMI took a Knoppix 3.3 CD and a Kanotix Bug Hunter CD down to the local Circuit City on Friday.

Have not tried modem yet, as I use highspeed connection. "Scrollwheel" on the pad is not working, but I have not made much effort to fix that, as I mostly use

Still trying to figure that one out. Compaq was very evasive about the problem until I noticed the same thing happened if I put a blank floppy in and turned the unit on. It seems that sound isn't working. Bah!- Please be advised that you DO NOT have to buy an OS with any computer.

Thanks. All you need to do is run qtparted (as root) before you run knx-hdinstall and shrink the ntfs drive. Is there anywhere I can get a copy of Knoppix with Linuxant Driver Loader? (I don't know how to remaster a cd, linux newbie). have a peek at these guys It detected my school network easily and I could configure my external USB mouse and USB thumbdrive.

All but ACPI works..... Make it easy on yourself. Thanks for the help Filipe Try using lsof /dev/dsp to see which process is using the sound device and kill it off. Long story short, I repartitioned the HD to give WinXP 20G and Linux 20G, did a HD install from the Kanotix CD, and am currently running apt-get upgrade.

I searched at google for this > error Have you checked the hardware maintenance manuals? Very cheap laptop : I have paid 516,- euro MorskNorsk10-20-2003, 06:37 AMKnoppix 3.2 works well on the Desknote 901A (http://desknote.net/a901.html). KNOPPIX ROCKS! F350 PII 366Mhz, 128 Mb ram, no hd, Neomagic 4 meg video, can't remember the audio but it is better than the FX300, HCF/HSF linuxant modem driver, firewire (haven't used for

Have not not tried USB and modem yet. Still haven't figured out how to get the xscreen savers to work in kde, but as soon as I found how to access my files on the ntfs system, I backed By the way, my last paragraph question about XP is answered at http://linux-ntfs.sourceforge.net/info/ntfs.html and http://mlf.linux.rulez.org/mlf/ezaz/ntfsresize.html aay05-13-2003, 07:00 PMUntil recently the only way that windows users with ntfs who wanted to dual One thing I cannot figure out is how to use power mangement in KLaptop -how do I access the ACPI panel to switch it on?

sound, video, network, all fine. Also on a Toshiba satellite 1805-s154 at home. If you're using any notebook, but particularly a HP or Compaq notbook, I urge you to go to Scyld (http://www.scyld.com/diag/atlantic.html) and get the diagnostic for your NIC chip and save a

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